Let It Fall

By January 4, 2016General

Parts of drought-affected western and south-west Queensland have received more rain in the past two days than in all of 2015

As the ABC reports

Windorah, in the Channel Country, has had the most rain, with 149 millimetres falling over the weekend.

Gay Tully, from Tenham station east of Windorah, recorded 73mm.

“We were very fortunate we ended up with 73mm of rain, which was absolutely wonderful,” she said.

“It is probably the best new year present we could get.”

But Ms Tully said there would need to be follow-up rain.

“It should grow quite a bit of feed because it was lovely steady rain, but we will need follow-up rain,” she said.

Flood water surrounds Tenham Station.
PHOTO: An aerial view of Tenham Station as big rain falls across the Channel Country. (Supplied: Gay Tully)


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